Jigme Love Featured on Sexy and Wealthy in Heels

Mine and Yours founder and owner was featured on Sexy and Wealthy in Heels #FabFriFeature in an interview, and gave some thoughtful and fun advice to women on success. 

#FabFriFeature: Jigme Love (Vancouver, BC)

This week, in our #FabFriFeature that features doing fabulous things in business and life, we feature Jigme Love from Mine & Yours, a Luxury and Designer Fashion Resale Company. Check out why we think she is so fab! #SuccessBABE

Your name?: Jigme Love

What is your business?: Mine & Yours, a Luxury and Designer Fashion Resale Company

Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in business?: 1) A Positive Attitude 2) A Constant Appetite for growth and learning 3) A collaborative spirit

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone – what are three things that you love about being your own boss?: 1)There are no limits to your goals (they can be as big, various, and ostentatious as you can imagine) 2)The Freedom (to do your own thing, make your own schedule, and truly be yourself) 3)The sense of fulfillment, independence, and strength you get from being-self reliant

How do you stay motivated? : My goals are written down in detail, and I read them to myself at least twice a day

Can you give some tried and true advice about building a following?: #hashtags! and connecting with your customers in real life in a meaningful way. Follow them back, talk to them, remember their likes and dislikes, and treat them like gold.

What are your “must-haves” to keep your business going strong? A singular vision, a great team, and loyal, engaged customers.

If your personality could be captured in pair of shoes, what would they be? Peep-toe pumps!

Why do you think it’s important to women to maintain “feminine” in business? What advantages can this bring?: Women should not feel pressured to adopt traditionally “masculine” traits in order to get ahead or be successful. I firmly believe a women can be extremely successful by embracing naturally “feminine” characteristics, such as empathy, intuitiveness, and emotive expression. Traits such as these lead to a more collaborative form of leadership and a deeper connection with customers.

What does being “sexy” mean to you?: Being totally confident in yourself as a woman, and not requiring an iota of validation from anyone, or any false standard

What are three ways that your business makes money?: At our flagship store, online, and at our pop-up shops.

What does “success” look like to you? : Achieving goals in each area of life (relationships, health, business, spiritual) without sacrificing the integrity or importance of any one area in pursuit of achievement in another.

Company URL: http://www.mineandyours.com/

Email: jigme@mineandyours.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mineandyours.co

Twitter: @mineandyoursco

Instagram: @itsjiggy

For more on Sexy and Wealthy in Heels, visit http://sexyandwealthyinheels.com

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