Kelly & i interviews Mine & Yours

Photo from Kelly & i

Kelly & I had sat down with the main ladies of Mine & Yours, Jigme Love and Courtney Watkins for a one on one interview. Questions about fashion, beauty and business were answered effortlessly. Of course that would come easy to these two successful woman.

Our favourite question focuses on the future of Mine & Yours..

k&i: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
CW: I see Mine & Yours having a presence in multiple cities and a booming online store. I’d love to still be running Mine & Yours but with a team in place so that I can travel the world and scout out the best clothing possible.

We are just shy of 2 years into the business and already its been so amazing to watch the progress rapidly grow between both the physical and online presence of the company. Definitely looking forward to seeing what milestones we'll hit in five years from now!

Read the rest of the interview at Kelly and i
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