Roundhouse Radio Interview

Roundhouse Radio Interview

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Mine & Yours Owners Jigme Love and Courtney Watkins were honoured to sit down with Producer Kristen Sharp to discuss how they started their local business, and the ins and outs of high fashion recycling during a live radio interview for the January 22 edition of "Sense of Place".

Roundhouse Radio Interview - Sense of Place

Courtney Watkins, Kristen Sharp, and Jigme Love

Roundhouse Radio - Our City Your Voice

Roundhouse Radio on 93.8 FM is a community-focussed station that aims to entertain and engage with its audience with interesting, fun, and thought-provoking local content.

On air, Courtney & Jigme shared the background of how Mine & Yours began, and some behind-the-scenes stories about how they score some of their most coveted luxury resale goods!

To listen to the full Mine & Yours Interview, CLICK HERE.

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