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We're Hiring In Vancouver, Apply Here
We're Hiring In Vancouver, Apply Here

Ship To Us

Did you know you can ship your items to us from anywhere within Canada?

1. Fill out the Sell to Us form and write "TO SHIP" at the top of the item description box followed by a description of your items.

2. Our buying team will get back to you with an estimate for the approved items.

3. Once pricing is confirmed and if the total resale value of your item(s) is $500 or more or if your item is a highly coveted piece, we will email you a prepaid Canada Post or UPS shipping label. Otherwise, the seller has to pay for shipping.

Please read the following terms and conditions before sending us your items:

1. Prices are subject to change upon in-person evaluation. 

2. Some items will be submitted for a third-party authentication. If this is the case, we will charge a $20 authentication fee as of February 15th. If the item comes back as inauthentic, the seller has to pay a $75 authentication fee or $150 for Hermes handbags plus the return shipping, or the item will be donated.

Once we receive your items:

1. The final pricing will be sent to you.

2. You will receive an e-transfer if you are interested in our cash payout option. Otherwise, the store credit will be added to your account or consignment agreement will be emailed to you.

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