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We're Hiring In Vancouver, Apply Here
We're Hiring In Vancouver, Apply Here


"When it comes to shopping, Mine & Yours has a wealth of great bargains. The store offers luxury brands for a fraction of the price. Mine & Yours has an Oscar de la Renta dress that would normally retail for about $3,500 on sale for only $495." EXTRA TV.


"Offering a cash-in or trade up business model, it’s taken little more than a year for Mine & Yours to become the consignment store of choice for Vancouver women." -Ishra Sharif for NOTABLE


"As a Stylist, Mine & Yours is a mandatory stop when pulling for a magazine photoshoot or broadcast segment. I find more pieces and looks on trend from the current seasons runway collections than any other local retailer in the city. My personal shopping clients become regulars after the first visit too. I have never left without a bag full of fashion treasure." Crystal Carson for


"What could be more exciting than finally taking home that Chanel bag you can't stop thinking about? Taking it home for a fraction of the cost! If you're wondering how this may be possible, visit Mine and Yours in downtown Vancouver. Mine and Yours is a trendy woman's resale shop that specializes in designer clothing and accessories. Find everything your little heart could ever desire from Wilfred, Juicy Couture and BCBG to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin!" - And She Dressed


"Thank you for all the fun shopping today ladies - love my shoes and bag!" - Fiona Forbes, Canadian Television Personality, 


"Dreamy bags, and ready-to-wear at the best second-hand store in town!" - Cara Mclay for FLARE.COM


"I make the second-hand economy my first economy by shopping the wonderful, albeit sometimes wacky, world of designer luxury consignment. Luxury resale and designer consignment stores are proving popular, and are cropping up for business across Canada. There’s Mine & Yours in Vancouver, Vespucci Consignment in Calgary and Edmonton and Love That Bag in Montreal. - Kerry K. Taylor for THE GLOBE AND MAIL


"This is a very belated thank you for sending my black Kate Spade bag to Kelowna.  I love it and appreciate the great service.  I also liked the way you packaged the bag.  Such nice attention to detail with the tissue paper and beautiful postcard.  Too often these little details are left out.  I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future." -Robin Wallouch 


 "I LOVE this little boutique, not just because it's located 2 doors from my Studio, but because of all the pretty and unique pieces found inside! I am a huge lover of Chanel (they have tons), Louboutin (many different styles), and Louis of course... but buying it full retail can get expensive... That's why buying at Mine & Yours (where they are gently used or never used at all), at 50-80% less, is worth the spending! They also now carry House of Harlow 1960 jewelry which is so cute and trendy (Nicole Ritchie's line)! I got a beautiful brand new (it looks like it has never been worn) light - dusty pink Mackage leather jacket... regular in store for $700+, but it was priced at $250! A STEAL! I also got a beautiful bold statement necklace that they just picked up from LA. If you have some amazing name brand duds that are in excellent shape, bring it in to the shop and see what you can get for it! Sometimes they are on a buying hold but if your stuff is too hard to pass up then I'm sure they will make an offer. (They do cash offers, right on the spot, so definitely not like a consignment store!) Jigme and Courtney are super fab, always so cheerful and looking good! I love their style and what they have been doing with Mine & Yours, good on you girls! I will continue to recommend this fab little shop to all of my clients, family and friends!" - Mika M, 


"5/5 STARS! This gem of a store is a treasure trove of beautiful and unique designer pieces. The people that work there are super friendly and helpful. Want that next item with extreme wow factor but doesn't want to break the bank? This store is a must. They also pay cash for your closet treasures that may have lost the luster for you but is waiting to shine for someone else. Have fun shopping." - Jasmine Z. Yelp Reviewer


"5/5 STARS! This is a wonderful little shop/treasure trove of chic and stylish gems at very reasonable prices. If you have an event or you just need to fill in your wardrobe workhorse arsenal, it is just the spot. Because its small, its not overwhelming and the ladies who run it have really good taste and don't fill the store with junk, just beautiful pieces. Top notch shopping ladies!" - Maura M. Yelp Reviewer


"After years of dealing with various local consignment shops and never being completely satisfied with their service, I decided to give Mine & Yours a shot, and I'm so grateful I did! This was by far the most efficient, professional, and pleasant experience I've had thus far with re-selling my much loved wardrobe pieces. I would highly recommend Mine & Yours to anyone who wants to sell their treasures and find them a great home!" - Kristen Horseman, Blogger,


"5/5 STARS! My mentality upon entering this adorable shop each time is, "TAKE MY MONEY, JUST TAKE IT ALREADY!" Mine & Yours is literally the only place I can justify my out-of-control spendings, because these ladies really take the time and effort to ensure that every piece is straight-from-the-runway fashionable, hella affordable and in pristine condition. Any girl in her right mind would be well beyond enticed by their goods - heck, I wake up early on Saturday mornings just so I could squeeze in that precious hour before work to scoop up their latest finds! So far, I am incredibly happy with my two trips of purchases: Lanvin crinkle silk skirt, Phillip Lim structured vest, Aritzia floppy hat, Oak&Fort leather trousers and Burberry silk scarf. The customer service here is top-notch and I cannot be any more happy with the assistance and patience given from these wonderful ladies." Sandra W., Yelp Reviewer

"Thank you so much for your services, I am officially in love with your shop!"

"If you live in Vancouver and have your finger on the fashion pulse, you have no doubt heard about Mine & Yours. The newest better-than-consignment used fashion boutique. I love this place. Amazing items and amazing customer service." - Jasmine Zhu, Fashion Blogger,


"The Best place to Shop!! Love it!" - Laura Biffen, Photographer


"5/5 STARS! Mine & Yours is awesome. The first time I went in to do consignment I brought a small handful of clothes, unsure of whether they would be interested in buying from me or not. Most of my clothes were mid-range brands, nothing super cheap but nothing designer either. They priced them out right on the spot and gave me an incredibly fair offer within fifteen minutes (I was happily shopping during this time). They gave me the option of taking cash on the spot for them or keeping a store credit on file. I chose store credit because I found some adorable shoes. So I basically went in there and traded my no-longer-needed clothes for a brand new pair of shoes! It was fantastic.

As far as shopping goes, they have a great selection of designer goods and less expensive brands as well. The store itself is fairly small so they definitely operate a quality-over-quantity procedure. Thrift stores can be a pain, but you could easily go through the entire selection of merchandise within thirty minutes. All the prices I've seen have been entirely fair based on the brand and the condition of the clothes. As well, on my last visit I saw some of the items I had previously sold to the shop and they were priced exactly as I was told they would be.

Lastly, the ladies here are awesome. The way they treat customers is top notch and it genuinely feels like you're shopping with your girlfriends. They give honest feedback on fits, they happily answer any questions and you can tell they genuinely love clothes. It's refreshing to shop somewhere where everyone is positive and enjoying what they do." - Annie G., Yelp Reviewer


"5/5 STARS! "I am giving the very rare, "didn't buy anything" 5 star award to this teeny tiny shop of my clothing dreams....I'm excited that I stumbled upon this place. They have a good eye and unlike a lot of other "high end" consignment spots, seem to really try and keep prices reasonable. And These ladies know their sh*t when it comes to what's what in the fashion world. Definite fan." - Jody B., Elite Yelp Reviewer 


"Love shopping when I get some great finds at a great price!" - Suman Bakshi, Founder,


"Amazing experience! So much fun!" - Camille Kelly, Camille Kelly Agency


"Love the customer service here! I emailed Mine & Yours with a question regarding a photo I saw on their facebook page, received a timely response, called with payment info and presto...I own a gorgeous new scarf!!! Love Courtney & Jigme's friendly & helpful attitude. Great experience." - Tammy Preast, Ask A Woman Events Ltd.


"Fantastic customer service and great buying. A gem." - Christie Shari, Customer


"Amazing shop, great to deal with and fabulous items. Whether you are looking to buy or sell its a wonderful place to go." - Tara Larsen, Customer


"Genius concept, Mine & Yours!" - Myriam Laroche, Founder, Eco Fashion Week 


"From J. Crew to Vera Wang, each item was in mint condition, hand picked by the Mine & Yours team. I was amazed at the gems I was finding, and at prices I could afford. You can count on the fact that I'll be back, and with friends!" - Laura Collins, Blogger for Indie Stitch


"I am so excited about Mine &  Yours on Hornby Street. I am not usually into Consignment shopping as I find the products are quite outdated but this small boutique has of the moment pieces ranging from Chanel to Aussie designers such as Cameo. I am now the proud owner of Jimmy Choos that are still in season! Stoked!" - Mimi, Australian Fashion Blogger,


"I love my Ralph Lauren Knee High "Calvana" Boots! They were shipped quickly, packaged beautifully, and looked exactly as advertised. Would highly recommend Mine & Yours!" - Juliya H., Online Shopper


"Great purchase, Great experience! I've been getting many compliments on these boots I purchased from Mine & Yours. They were even in better condition than I thought when I picked them up. I also wrote a blog post about my experience with how I was able to pick up these boots for such a great price on my blog!" - Tamara C., online shopper & blogger


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