Jigme Love, Founder

A consummate girly-girl, Jigme is almost always wearing a dress. When she was 8 years old, her friends staged an intervention to suggest she try wearing jeans. She burst into tears, and promptly found new friends. Today, the dress thing still holds true – although now with a more grown-up twist. After completing her MBA in Europe and returning to Vancouver following years living abroad in Paris, Monaco, and Los Angeles, Jigme wanted to create something special for her hometown. Mine & Yours is inspired by Jigme’s love of the curated boutiques of France and the cool, laid-back, buy-sell-trade stores of Los Angeles.

Her Style: classic and feminine. 

Courtney Watkins, Partner

From her earliest memories of playing dress-up in her mother’s closet, Courtney has always loved fashion and putting together outfits in creative ways. This love of fashion inspired her to obtain a degree in Merchandise Marketing at FIDM in Los Angeles. She has worked as a celebrity stylist, a trend forecaster, and a Director of Sales and Marketing for a women’s clothing line. As a Partner at Mine & Yours, Courtney gets to combine her love of fashion, business, and putting together great outfits on a daily basis.

Her Style: edgy with a girly twist. 



Tina Braumberger,
Assistant Manager, Head Buyer

Tina grew up in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley but heard fashion call her name. After a short time in Toronto, Tina returned back to B.C. where she studied to enhance her love of fashion. In Vancouver, she studied Design at Blanche Macdonald and then later went on the the Art Institute where she took Marketing. Tina loves to visit her favourite place, New York City for a healthy dose of inspiration in the big city.

Her Style: Uptown chic meets downtown cool