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Make an appointment with one of our buyers here!
Make an appointment with one of our buyers here!

Authenticity Guarantee

Please note: Suppliers will be charged an authentication fee. 

Our buying team carefully reviews all items in person. They are trained to look for hallmarks of authenticity, including materials, construction quality, and hardware. They review the interior and exterior of each item carefully.

After the initial authentication, select items are sent to our third party authentication partner, Entrupy. Entrupy uses a microscopic camera and advanced AI technology to compare handbags to a massive database of known authentic and counterfeit items.

Items deemed to be authentic are priced and purchased from the supplier.

Items deemed to be inauthentic are returned to the supplier immediately or donated after 2 weeks of being unclaimed.

We try not to rush! Please allow up to 3 business days for a full authentication
of your items.