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Need to free up space in your closet? Use your shopping addiction to make some extra money!
Please call 604 620 8885 on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday for same day drop-ins.

Book a safe appointment to sell your designer items to us.
If you can't make your appointment please reschedule or cancel 24 hours in advance.
  • It's your first time selling to us
  • You haven't received an online quote

  • You've sold to us before
  • Have received an online quote
  • You have 1-5 items


Seasonal Guidelines

Buying Winter & heavier Fall pieces
Mid-October to End of January
Buying Winter-to-Spring transitional pieces & Spring
Beginning of February to Mid-May
Buying Summer pieces
Mid-May to Mid-August 
Buying Summer-to-Fall transitional pieces & Fall
Beginning of September to October 

* Please note:
1. This is only a range and is subject to change based on our inventory levels. 
2. There will be buying holds during the mentioned time frames. Check our Instagram and website for updates.
3. Please submit your items here for approval and estimate. 


Please contact for any closet buying inquiries or to book one.