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Helmut Lang

Undeniably the most iconic designer of the 90s, Helmut Lang silently defined the quintessential 90s silhouette. Remember the formal - casual uniform of a simple dress? The subtle sexiness of standing in tune with confidence, au natural? He showed the world how to be unapologetically cool, to wear cotton shirts when others were “punking” and to be androgynous when those around were “pink poppin” - he was encoding the imagery of bondage, incorporating plastics into clothes and using harnesses as accessories. His visions propelled his popularity, and a cult following became a large audience. It became a minimalist movement in its town, a silent revolution to deconstruct the artificial layers of fashion. After silently leaving the label in 2004, Helmut Lung has still remained relevant in the minimalist scene - still being an underground powerhouse in the fashion world.