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Make an appointment with one of our buyers here!
Make an appointment with one of our buyers here!

Cash For Your Closet

Please contact for any closet buy inquiries or to book one.


Submit your items for an online quote with the form below. Our buyers will provide you with an estimate for your pieces based on condition, desirability, and market rate. Estimate is subject to change based on an in-person evaluation.

We try to always contact consignors directly before discounting items. However, we do reserve the right to discount your item up to 20%.

We offer 3 payout options

  • 30-40% cash buyout - Cheque or E-transfer
  • 50-60% store credit - Never Expires
  • 50-70% consignment for items with a resale value of over $500

We offer premium rates for select luxury brands and highly coveted pieces at our buyers’ discretion.

Once we receive your items, they will be authenticated in person by our buying team. We also submit certain pieces to our third-party authentication partner, Entrupy.

Please note: It typically takes our buying team 3-5 business days to reply to emails. Due to a higher influx of emails right now, the wait may be a little longer.




Our buying team carefully reviews all items in person. They are trained to look for hallmarks of authenticity, including materials, construction quality, and hardware. They review the interior and exterior of each item carefully.

After the initial authentication, select items are sent to our third party authentication partner, Entrupy. Entrupy uses a microscopic camera and advanced AI technology to compare handbags to a massive database of known authentic and counterfeit items.

Items deemed to be authentic are priced and purchased from the supplier.

Items deemed to be inauthentic are returned to the supplier immediately or donated after 2 weeks of being unclaimed. Please note suppliers will be charged an authentication fee. 

We try not to rush! Please allow up to 3 business days for a full authentication of your items.



Is there a minimum or maximum amount of items I can submit to sell?
No minimums required! Feel free to submit as many or as few items as you’d like.

Are your payout rates negotiable?
Our buying team carefully prices each item, taking into account the original retail value, condition, current market value, and other factors. Therefore, our rates are not typically negotiable. However, our buying team is very friendly and will try their hardest to ensure you get the best price for your pieces.

How long does your consignment term last?
Our typical consignment agreement is for 90 days. After that, we can discuss whether you would like to take your item back, lower the price, or keep it available for purchase at the original price.

Will you mark my consigned items down without my permission?
We try to always contact consignors directly before discounting items. However, we do reserve the right to discount your item up to 20%.



Online quotes:
You can email us at with photos of your items to get an estimate and an approval of which items to bring in. 

If you have more than 10 items, you can email to book a virtual selling session on Zoom.

Call for buying:
We are currently accepting in-season and on-trend luxury and designer goods in excellent and new condition. Please see the list of brands we accept.

Selling dates and times:
We are currently buying on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 10-6 by appointment only. You can also call our store at 604-620-8885 for same day drop offs. 



If you haven’t yet, you need to sign the Selling Agreement before your appointment appointment/ drop off. 

Once we have your items:
They will be authenticated by our buying team. Certain items will be submitted to our third party authenticator. If the item’s authenticity can’t be guaranteed, suppliers will be charged an authentication fee.

If you have left your items with us, we will notify you with a list of items that we have passed on upon in person inspection and/or we can’t guarantee their authenticity and you can come and pick them up. 
If the items don’t get picked up within 2 weeks, they will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital.