Cortne Bonilla

Cortne is the Fashion & Beauty Editor of the Editorialist ( Today she tells us how living in NYC and working in fashion has influenced her relationship with sustainability, why she loves secondhand Margiela, and more.

How does your role as the fashion and beauty editor of Editorialist influence your relationship with fashion?

Anytime you’re working in the fashion industry, you’re part of such a niche circle of influential and stylish individuals, and it, as a whole, gives you access to a bombardment of brands, new launches, and collaborations. For me, it meant I had to go deep within myself and decide what I like outside of that, whether it’s something trending or not. It made me hone in on what makes me feel the most me. 

How has living in NYC influenced your sense of style?

I lived in the suburbs of Atlanta for 10 years, and in smaller towns it’s looked down upon to dress for yourself. I was born here, but once I moved back as an adult, I realized the fashion freedom that New York allows. Everywhere you turn, people are doing what they want to do. I seldom receive the same strange or puzzled looks I did when I was in the south.

What style tips do you live by from an editor's perspective?

I’m often photographed, in content, or posting on social media, and although I adore neutrals and a hint of minimalism, I've learned that texture and silhouette are important aspects of every outfit. It can make or break a look; taking a simple ensemble and transforming it into something inspirational and interesting! You need a little ick, a-la Miccuia, to spice up a photo.

What sparked your love for fashion? 

My mom is a mega fashion-lover and long-time personal style persuser, and always has been. We’re extremely close and I grew up watching her change looks before a grocery run, swab lipstick in the car mirror, while dressing me up in baby Dior. She says when I was 3, I had a playtime preference for other tots that had “pretty shoes.”

"My motto is, buy good clothes, wear them often. Anything can be sustainable if you wear it time and time again. I love to mix vintage pieces in with my contemporary styles—it adds a personal flair that keeps on giving. Every year, I donate lightly worn clothing to different local charities. That always makes me feel good. "

— Cortne Bonilla
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