Pull loaned product, earn in-store credit, and build your dream wardrobe.

We believe everyone is an influencer in their own community. There are no follower count requirements for joining our Influencer Program and you don't need to be a fashion blogger. All you need is a passion for the circular fashion movement and sharing Mine & Yours with your friends and followers!

Video by @Vitaliia

Earn In-Store Credit

After applying and being approved to our Influencer Program, you'll receive a discount code to share with your friends and followers and can start earning in-store credit commission on your sales.

Share your discount code online or in real life! Post it to your Instagram story, tell someone about it in a Facebook group, when your girlfriend asks where you got your shoes from at brunch, or anywhere in between.

Use your store credit commissions toward your dream bag and wardrobe.

Collab with us

Get the latest scoop on collaboration opportunities with us in our Influencer Program newsletter when you sign up for our program.

We also invite creators in our Influencer Program who we have an authentic and ongoing relationship with to participate in additional paid or gifted collaborations.

Perks of our Influencer Program

1. Access to pull loaned product and up your content game

2. Gifting and collaboration opportunities

3. Your own discount code to share with friends, family, and followers

4. Earn 5% commission on your sales

5. Social media exposure

6. Invite-only influencer events