Daniela Dib

Daniela is Vancouver's most loved fitness studio owner. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her spin classes at DibFit Cycle, get ready for the sweat of your life with a fashion show on the side. Today she shares with us how ballet influenced her style, sharing clothes with her sister and how your athleisure choices make a difference.

You own your own Cycle Fitness Studio. How has owning your own business developed your personal style?

For me, my wardrobe consists of two styles. I'm either in head to toe athleasuire (usually a matching workout set) or I'm in a tight sparkling dress. There is very little in between fashion for me! Owning a studio has meant my hours are very long, and (as you would expect) I am typically working out! If I'm not coaching my own classes, you can usually find me supporting local studios in the community and jumping into other instructors classes. On the rare occassions I am not in a workout set, it means I am going out and if I have that chance, I absolutely love to be glammed up! 

How did your love of fashion begin?

I have always loved being dressed up. Growing up a ballet dancer, and having the oppourtunity to spend most of my highschool years training at the National Ballet School meant I was always in leotards and bodysuits. When we did performances with the company, the dancers wore stage makeup and lavish costumes (which I've always enjoyed doing). I feel that has translated into my asthetic now, and my level of comfort in my skin and fashion choices.

How do you reconcile a love for fashion with sustainability?

Something I have always done is donate or sell my clothes (to my sister, you're welcome Isabel!) I take very good care of the pieces in my closet and will often purge so someone else can enjoy and feel cute wearing them. This gives me guilt free room to stock up on more outfits.

What is your favourite part of owning your own studio? 

I love being able pivot quickly. Working for yourself takes out the stress of needing approval from others to take action and make business decisions. I also love being able to throw unique, creative and performance style classes at my studio!

"It is a fact (and I am not making this up!) that when you feel good in your clothing, you will likely have a better workout.  Showing up to train in a ratty old shirt, compared to an outfit you feel empowered wearing will impact how motivated you are to move."

— Daniela Dib

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