Samantha Lim

Samantha is a Vancouver based interior designer who just launched her interior design boutique, Slim Studios. Today we ask how a love for design translates to her closet, her Chanel obsession, and best secondhand finds.

You just opened your interior design firm, Slim Studios. How has owning your own business developed your personal style?

Opening Slim Studios has always been a goal of mine and the past two years have been lots of fun but also lots of work behind the scenes. Working in design I have always dressed to showcase my individual style and personality, I love mixing fun colours and pairing them with colourful frames depending on my mood!

As an interior designer, what fashion tips do you live by?

Go with your gut, my initial idea is always the one I fall back on. This applies to my outfit choices and interior design choices

What are some of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe and why?

My Chanel white flap bag that I found at Mine & yours is a staple in my wardrobe. I am also obsessed with my orange suit set by Tahari that I thrifted in NYC. I also can’t live without my sneaker collection! 

How do you reconcile a love for fashion with sustainability?

I love thrifting and shopping preloved! Not only is it sustainable but the chances of someone else having the same unique item is rare. I think the vintage & preloved pieces in my wardrobe really help shape my personal style and are great conversation starters! 

"I strive to create spaces that feel lived in. Like a cozy gallery of all the memories and things my clients have collected through life and their travels, the same applies to my fashion choices. "

— Samantha Lim
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