Julianne Costigan

Julianne is the CEO and lead stylist of her namesake executive styling firm. Her mission is to help women build great style, confidence and personal and professional success. She has been published in magazines such as Elle Canada, and spoken as a fashion expert on Cityline, Global News and more.

What do you aim to accomplish when styling a client?

I aim to help women build a closet full of clothes that reflect who they are, their values and aligns with the message they are trying to portray to the world. I feel I’ve accomplished my goal with a client when they can walk into each day feeling confident and unapologetically themselves.

Are there any fashion tips you live by from a stylist's perspective?

I love to mix high and low. I buy pieces that I love (no matter where I find them) and wear things that have meaning/significance to me. I believe that jewellery and accessories should mark memories in your life. I don’t have a “defined style” I wear what I like each season—my style evolves as I evolve as a businesswoman, mom and friend. 

How do you reconcile a love for fashion with sustainability?

I make a conscious effort to buy with intention and not over-consume. I make sure that when I’m finished with something in my closet it goes to a good home where it will be appreciated (either donated to a friend/family or a woman’s shelter or sold via consignment).

How did your love of fashion begin? 

From a young age, I realized that I could use clothing as a tool in my life to feel confident in situations where I felt nervous. I worked at a few boutiques and went on to fashion school where I was taught the importance of how a garment could make a woman feel and from there it become my mission to help more incredible women achieve great style!

"My favourite piece in my wardrobe is my Cartier Tank watch. I’ve admired that watch on iconic women my whole life and for my last birthday, my husband marked that moment with a beautiful timepiece that will become an heirloom I pass on to someone in my family one day."

— Julianne Costigan