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"Sidewalk Runway" at the Mine & Yours Grand Re-Opening

By: R!c of Sidewalk Runway


"The new layout is contemporary and efficient."


Jigme, Owner & Founder wearing an All Saints dress


The old layout was one floor filled with clothing racks jam packed with amazing outfits. I liked the cozy, personal atmosphere. I didn’t mind saying, “Excuse me” as I traded places with other shoppers. The first thing you’ll notice in the new layout is the expanded floor space. The shoe displays have moved upstairs and clothing racks have been replaced by wall hangers and shelves.



Courtney, M&Y Owner wearing a Self Portrait dress 


The new layout is contemporary and efficient. 2nd Floor Changes & the Party: Her dinette set was just outside the camera range. In the new layout the dinette table is covered with shoes. Plus you'll find an entire wall of shoes and more clothes on wall hangers. Even the fireplace mantle is used to display purses!


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