Eco Fashion - Green is the new Black

In its 7th season, Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week kicked off with seminars and a panel discussion to encourage people to rethink systems of consumption, distribution, and production.

With environmental awareness and sustainability becoming increasingly dominant, it only makes sense to combine this awareness with fashion in the multi- billion-dollar fashion industry.

Tara Teng, Human Rights Activist, and Miss World Canada 2012 speaks at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week Seminars
Before this year I had never attended the seminars.

A big lesson I learned is that sustainability is about self- responsibility, and the more we know, the more we care.

Here are a few simple ways we can all be more sustainable when it comes to our closets.

  1. Excavate your wardrobe.

If you’re like me, then your wardrobe is maxed out with overstuffed drawers and things packed in the closet, some with the tags still on (*shame face).  Pull everything out, try things on, and if you can’t remember the last time you wore it than donate it, or earn a little money for more clothes and take them to a consignment shop. I know of a great one (*wink wink).

  1. Experiment.

Don’t be afraid to use your favorite pieces together to create a new outfit –     you don’t need a new bag to pull an outfit together… you might just need to experiment with your options. Don’t limit yourself!

  1. Research the best eco-friendly brands.

It’s fashionable to be green: many high-end designer lines like Stella McCartney and Loomstate have started to support sustainable fashion. There are SO many great eco-friendly brands out there that sell fabulous products. Do a Google search and learn more about them.

  1. Buy Second Hand.

Instead of going to a department store or the mall to buy a new dress or a silk blouse, take a look in Mine & Yours. You never know – you might find an AMAZING piece, saving money and the environment in the process.


By Andrea Harvey, Fashion Intern at Mine & Yours

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