Meet Courtney Watkins - In Memory of Lennie Watkins


Courtney Watkins, Partner at Mine & Yours

Many of you know Courtney Watkins as the fashionable, feisty girl calling the shots behind our buying and selling counter at Mine & Yours. But there's much more to Courtney than her sassy persona belies.

Did you know that in addition to Mine & Yours, Courtney also runs a cedar, shake and shingle mill in Maple Ridge?

When Courtney's father passed away in 2011, Courtney was working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. His sudden death forced her to return home and, alongside her brother, take over the family sawmill business. Courtney has been working out at the Mill ever since. 

However Courtney's late father, Lenny Watkins, always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Courtney's partnership with Jigme Love at Mine & Yours represents her return to living her passion for fashion.  

Watch this mini documentary, and get to know more about Courtney.... Don't you think her father would be proud?


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beautiful courage

robbie Moran,

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