Fashion Rundown: Deighton Cup 2014

By Nick Byerley
Photo taken by: The Glass Eye
The 6th annual Deighton Cup took place this past July and now that it has come and gone, we've decided to do a little look-back at the event and give our impressions on this ever-growing social event!
Photo taken by: Fred Lee 
There was a huge turnout this year with many people sporting classy and elegant fascinators as well as zany, colourful twists on the iconic derby hat we've come to know and love.
Photograph taken by: The Glass Eye
Styles ranged from traditional to avante-garde.
 Photograph taken by: The Glass Eye
Photograph taken by: The Glass Eye
Leone Markhurst of the:  Signature Bow
Jigme Love (Mine & Yours), Dominique Hanke (Hive Mind Millinery) and Courtney Watkins (Mine & Yours). These three ladies coordinated to buy, sell, and trade hats, and exclusively sell Dominique's couture custom hats, for the races. 
One of the Best Dressed at the Races, Wen-Chee-Liu. Photo by The Social-Life. 
The Nominees for Best Dressed At Deighton Cup, included one of our own, Jigme Love!
Dancer Keilani Jung and Prevail of Swollen Members, were finalists for Best Dressed at Deighton Cup. Photo by: WE Vancouver 
Allison Lammerts presents the Winners of the Deighton Cup Style Stakes Awards for Best Dressed with a giant cheque from Market One Media Group. Photo by WE Vancouver.
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