The Chicest Rain Boots to Look out for This season

If you're in the Pacific Northwest like us, you'll know that the rain has come and it's here to stay. One staple that we can't live without is a great pair of rain boots. But here is where style doesn't necessarily have to fall to the wayside of practicality. There's TONS of amazing designs that are just as cute as any of your other fall staples but the best part is is that they're durable and you are free to go puddle jumping without the fear of wet feet for the rest of the day or ruining leather. Here's a few of our top picks to keep an eye out for this season! 

Two-toned by Michael Kors 
Shop these size 8 Michael Kors Monogram boots in-store! 
Ilse Jacobsen short lace-up boots 
Sperry utilitarian lace-up booties 
Loeffler Randall lace-up boots 
Vivienne Westwood booties with bow 
Salvatore Ferragamo heeled tall rain boots 
Loeffler Randall booties with buckles 
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  • ya know, people hate on Uggs but they are inalaulbve here in Ohio! Today, I’m actually wearing the moccasins and it’s like walking on little poofs of clouds allll dayyyyy:)

    Riyas on

    robbie moran on

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