Style Snaps: Vol. 1 - Finding Inspiration in Your Surroundings

We are living in the magic age of fashion right now. We are no longer limited by geography, technology, war or society. We wear what we want, what we feel comfortable in. Today's fashion is about creating a first impression, a representation of ourselves. 

Style Snaps is our new weekly series designed to display the fun and stylish ways to dress in today's day and age. Let us kick off Vol 1 with one of our favorite people: the lovely (and talented- she is our buyer ;) ) Joanna.

For this look, we wanted to demonstrate the idea of dressing to match your surroundings. You can never go wrong if you look at the tones around you and pick your outfit accordingly. This is why grey's are so popular in urban cities and jewel tones thrive during the holiday season. 

We went for natural autumnal tones, mixed with a bit of blue to add a fresh aspect and metallics for the glamorous factor that we all feel around the holiday season. 

We also think it's important to keep people guessing and add something unexpected to every outfit. This is where fashion gets really fun! Meet this Dries Van Noten faux-fur coat. It does double duty here as both the cool factor, and also the warm and cozy protector against the elements.

We paired it with a vintage Louis bag to bring in that classic cool feel and lets be honest, no outfit is complete without a perfect bag.

For a top, we chose this beautiful Acne silk shirt. Nothing like a good collared shirt to ground an outfit- even if it includes an oversize fur coat ;)

And as a final touch, these metallic Giuseppe Zanotti booties, of course. The perfect blend of functional and exciting. 

Shop the look online or in-store! Dries Van Noten Coat, Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag (only available in-store),  Acne Silk Shirt, Giuseppe Zanotti Booties

Thanks for reading along with Vol. 1 of Style Snaps and be sure to check in next week for more sartorial secrets. And don't forget, when in doubt look to your surroundings for some wardrobe inspiration.


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