Top 10 Vancouver Fashion Bloggers

By Lucas Hui

Top 10 Vancouver Fashion Bloggers to Follow! 

Let’s face it, life gets busy, and we don’t always have the time to keep up with the fast-pace-forever-changing fashion trends and learn the best styling tips. Sometimes it takes a little guidance from people that do it full time. So here are our top picks for Vancouver fashion bloggers to follow.

1) Alicia Fashionista 


Alicia Quan better known as Alicia Fashionista started her fashion blog in 2008 and has long become a fan favorite in Vancouver. She has a quirky and fun fashion sense that anyone can borrow bits and pieces from. Plus, she always provides details to her pieces so you should have no trouble finding them. Nowadays her blog has expanded to travel, lifestyle and food posts as well.

2) To Vogue or Bust

Alexandra Grant’s fashion blog, “To Vogue or Bust” is the poster child of Vancouver style. From yoga pants on Nike trainers, green parks layered over denim to fitness posts, To Vogue or Bust takes you through the full Vancourite experience. Her blogs focus as much on fitness & health as she does with fashion.


3) Xander Vintage

Xander Vintage by Allana never fails to create colorful, stunning visuals with both her high street fashion and ever-changing  hairstyles. Her vintage high street style may not for everyone, but most can adore her for her strong sense of identity. 

4) her waise choice


Jen Tam, the author of Her Waise Choice combines her modest way of styling with her unique story-telling. On top of that, her imagery and outfits are clean and minimalistic, creating very crisp, refined photos. All put together, it’s no secret that she puts much thought and effort put into each post.

5) The Haute Pursuit 

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit is to me a perfect embodiment of style influenced by place. Each one of her looks are ever so slightly tailored to blend herself between Vancouver, Beijing and New York – a style chameleon with an overall distinct fusion look of all places she’s traveled.

6) The August Diaries 

Born in California and now residing in Vancouver, Jill of The August Diaries has a casual and friendly voice that readers easily gravitate towards. She isn’t afraid to project herself as a humble public figure that has flaws and bad days just like everyone else. And her casual chic look shows everyone that you can be fashionable without brand names and luxury lifestyles. 

7) A Fashion Love Affair 

A Fashion Love Affair is Cara Jourdan’s lifestyle blog which encompasses her styling tutorials of all kinds and her journey as an industry professional. From her detailed tutorials, to highly produced fashion shoots, to her eventful life as a recognized blogger, there’s something in it for every fashion enthusiast.

8) Jessica Luxe 


Jessica Luxe and her self-titled blog takes you through a vast variety of styles, never repeating quite the same mood which makes reading from one post to the next continuously refreshing. Her photos convey moods exceptionally well, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, Jessica Luxe is the blogger to look out for. 

9) The Unprecedented


Randa Salloum adds a new flavor to fashion blogging as she explores other people’s closet in her “Closet Confession” segments to continuously bring you new styles and inspirations. She’s worn many hats in the fashion industry but now runs her own company “I See Noise", which features original prints in unique a painting style – definitely worth checking out as much as her blog. 

10) lucyloohoo

Lucy Lu’s blog is a bit of everything from fashion styling to foods. Despite not being completely fashion based, her business casual style for the 20-something-year-old girl definitely earns a spot our list. On top of that, you may pick up a few delicious eats or DIY projects along the way.

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