A Summer Inspiration Photoset

The month of June has flown by with only a few days left until we enter the hottest month of the year, July. The burning hot mid summer days can really get to you sometimes. For me, I can get carried away and spend too much time out in the sun and disregard any symptoms of heat stroke. Cause you know, a tan is important to me. However, I must remember that there are days where I should come out from underneath the sun and remain inside, in the shade to rest. So, wether you're doing exactly that and just taking it easy inside or involuntarily stuck at a desk working or doing tasks. Here's a set of images I've put together for some inspiration as I get ready for a trip to Italy. Get lost in these tropical places, bronzed skin, salty hair, photo's from the past, summer clothing and hues of nude from you're own viewing pleasure or inspiration. Plus, a little help from timeless muses, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss.  

- Anna









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