Wardrobe Bingo: Fashion Inspiration Right from Your Own Closet!

They say that we shouldn’t blindly follow trends to look in-style - and we totally agree on that! According to fashion experts from the online publication In Montpelier VA, “The key is to buy what’s classic. Buy items that you like and things that look good on you… Consider the most basic items and build from the ground up.”

But don’t think that you have to splurge on new clothes for a fashion upgrade. From what we’ve observed on the runways, designers seem to be adding modern twists to past fads, so before you run out and shop for a boho-chic ‘70s wardrobe, chances are that you probably own an item or two that bears some similarities with the latest collections. It’s all about styling and working with what you have to make the trend your own yet still look current and fabulous!

The best way to add your own spin to these trends is by incorporating your already existing wardrobe. Even if you’re bored with your clothes, there’s a way to bring new life into your closet without spending a dime. Have you ever heard of Wardrobe Bingo? The idea of Wardrobe Bingo was conceptualized by the fashion aggregator Boohoo, who reached out to numerous bloggers to try out their method of mixing and matching. The popularity of bingo ensued among the fashion community, which soon grabbed the attention of professionals across the industries. This later led to creations such as NYFW Bingo as shown on Buzzfeed, while TV fashion guru John Scott used the UK gaming giant Gala Bingo as a platform to share the latest industry news, proving that bingo is a game perfectly suited for the fashionista.

The rules of Wardrobe Bingo are quite simple! All you have to do is select your favorite items for the following five categories: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Jewelry, and Other Accessories. Quickly snap some photos of each item, arranging the categories in columns on your card then numbering each item per column from 1-5. Using a die, roll five times to put together your outfit, with 6 being a free choice. Just like this:


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