Python Marathon! featuring Anna Wintour

Python Marathon! featuring Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour. The English born now American has become a paramount of style and cultural impact within the industry. Her smart business decision has catapulted vogue and conde nast into grand prominence. By killing the grunge movement in the 90’s and putting fur back into its pages, Anna surely does love change it surely caused a ripple effect within the industry and pop culture as well.

Anna adores her fur and especially her snake skins. As a matter of fact, anna loves her snake skins so much that she’s been wearing a custom made nude snake skin manolo blahnik shoes for 22 years! Pythons are a great staple in your closet as it makes a fantastic neutral to almost every clothes you own.

As you can observe the high priestess of vogue never wears an all black ensemble and we absolutely adore her for that. The dedication for clothing oneself creatively is a virtue that we absolutely held high in regards. Anna’s snake skin Manolo’s was designed to match every single outfit that she has. We have made two outfits inspired by Anna’s sense style that features some of our most treasured snake skin products!


Anna Inspired Look 1: Classic and Chic!

We are displaying 3 key snake skin items in this flatout that will surely show your inner Anna. It is important to balance these items with classic pieces and neutral colour tones. Simplicity is key if you want to be chic in those reptile skins!

Cacharel Dress Shirt sz XS- $45

Prada Python Jacket sz S- $1250

Robert Rodriquez Skirt sz 4 - $125

Barbara Bui Leather pump sz 6 - $175

Gucci Python clutch - $475


Anna Inspired Look 2: Trimmed Fur

Here's a sartorial perspective to those who are seeking to an even more sophisticated outlook. Having a spice of fur will never hurt those snake skins in fact it will actually elevate it into ostentatious proportions! Just look at Anna's outfits above fur and snake skins are a match made in heaven!

Christian Dior jacket with fur collar sz 8 - $345

Christian Dior skirt sz 8 - $145

Hermes leather gloves - $195

Club Monaco Turtle Neck sz XS - $59


Anna Inspired Look 3: Fur it Out!

Winter is truly coming in that sense we prepared something that will go around the cold season. If you own a fur coat please do pair it with your pythons. Reptiles and Mammals may be the most distant of species but their skins can complement one each other.


Universal Fur Co. Coat - $395

Margiela x H&M Dress - $29

Gucci Bamboo Python Bag - $445


All products featured are available from Mine & Yours


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