Sustainable Gift Guide for the Holidays


At Mine & Yours we believe in ‘Living Luxuriously With Less Impact.’ That’s why we wanted to share our Top 10 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gifts for this Holiday Shopping Season! We hope this list helps to encourage ourselves and our community to make more eco-conscious decisions while shopping for presents this year. 


Mala Collective Meditation Cushions are hand-made by artisans in India using sustainable materials. You can keep these cushions out in your living room, acting as a visible reminder to take a moment to connect with yourself. The perfect gift for a loved one, who lives for health and wellness (and cute home interior decor!)



Seriously, the best gift ever for moms and mother-in-laws! A sustainable and non-toxic cleaning supply company! A one time purchase of glass bottles, where all you have to purchase is the cleaning tablets! Each tablet makes 20 oz of non-toxic cleaner in their reusable, shatterproof bottle and comes packaged in compostable paper. No more plastic bottles means no more plastic waste!


Don’t know what to get for the person who ‘has it all?’ Donate to a charity on their behalf, after all giving back is what the holidays are all about. Smile Train is an international children's charity with a sustainable approach to solving cleft lip. Children with cleft have difficulty breathing, eating and more. They have a range of ways to donate online: $50 covers an overnight hospital stay, $250 covers the entire Cleft surgery for a child!



The Eco-friendly Wet Brush Handle is made from an all-natural biodegradable plant starch that breaks down in landfills within 5 years. Gentle on your hair (19% less damage) and gentle on the environment. The best stocking stuffer ever!

  1. BAGGU

Plastic bags are so yesterday… we love these cute reusable shopping bags by Baggu! They create products to have long and useful lives, no fast fashion contributors here! They design to minimize plastic waste and use only sustainable materials. With so many different prints these reusable bags are a great gift for everyone on your shopping list!

  1. LUSH

We love LUSH products because they don't test on animals, ethically source all of their ingredients and practice waste-free gifting by wrapping in fabric or scarves! They’re also moving towards making more products without any packaging or waste at all!


Girlfriend Collective makes cute, affordable and sustainable activewear! They believe in ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. They’re completely transparent about the entire process of using recycled water bottles and old fishing nets to make fabric for their leggings, bras and other clothing items! A perfect gift for the Spin-Class, Yoga or Equinox addicts in your life!


Give the gift of an experience this year because nothing beats the gift of quality time together. Vancouver is full of amazing experiences to choose from. Grouse Mountain has different activities like ice skating on a frozen pond and their enchanted light walk! 


Are you an avid Amazon shopper? There are tons of great sustainable and eco-friendly gifting options! These reusable and foldable silicone mugs from Amazon make a fantastic and practical present. It’s an easy way to remember your reusable mug since it fits into every purse or bag! If there’s someone on your holiday shopping list who buys Starbucks everyday, they need this!


‘Live Luxuriously with Less Impact’ to us means making more eco-conscious choices, but not compromising on your fashion sense or personal style! A great way to refresh your wardrobe without contributing to the negative impact from fast fashion is buying second hand! Buying someone a gift card to our luxury, resale store is a fabulous way of encouraging them to shop more sustainably!

Some other ways to have a more eco-friendly Holiday Season are by changing the way you wrap gifts! We’re a huge fan of wrapping presents with a scarf because it’s basically two gifts in one. Let us know some tips you have to make the Holidays more sustainable, whether it's by no-waste, eco-friendly products or shopping second hand!




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