Modern Mix Vancouver: Mine & Yours Boutique is Vancouver’s Newest Alternative to Consignment Shopping

By Carolyn, Modern Mix Vancouver, November 8th 2013

If you’re looking for something to do this long weekend I would highly recommend stopping by Vancouver newest alternative to consignment shopping: Mine & Yours Boutique at 1060 Hornby Street.

"Vancouver newest alternative to consignment"

When it comes to consignment, there are very few places who do it right. Either you can smell the mothballs, or you constantly worry where the items come from. Thankfully, a new store has opened and is already changing the game of consignment in our city.
Mine & Yours is a resale store based on a retail model we haven’t much embraced in Vancouver yet. Having spent time in LA, co-owners Jigmy, Courtney and Joanne were shocked to see the lack of options to consignment in the city. Specifically, a place where fashion forward women could go to trust to find the latest trends and styles. So, they set out to fill a much needed gap.
" can walk in with your pieces, and if they make the cut, get paid out for it on the spot."
While traditional consignment stores will only offer you cash once your item sells, Mine & Yours is resale shop. This means you can walk in with your pieces, and if they make the cut, get paid out for it on the spot. No waiting for the item to sell, and no fuss about coming back to collect your money. But before you think it’s just another easy way to make some cash, take a look around the shop and you might be tempted to take their store credit offer instead.


Last weekend, I had a chance to sit down with the beauties and brains behind Vancouver’s very first location of Mine & Yours to get the scoop:

Where did this concept come from?

Jigmy & Courtney both lived in LA and when they moved back to Vancouver they were shocked to see a complete void of on brand, high-end resale stores for women. With an appreciation for fashion and style, they instantly recognized the opportunity.

So how does it work?

If you’re looking to clear out some items from your closet, stop by the store on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Courtney & Joanne operate as the buyers and if they see something they like, they’ll offer you either 30% cash, or the equivalent of 50% on the projected resale price in store credit. As personal stylists and seasoned fashion industry pro’s, the team has an eye for pieces that are in season and on trend.

Not sure what to bring in?

If it’s an item of clothing you think someone else might love, bring it in. It should be an item you’d be happy to share with a friend. I was shocked to find you don’t have to be intimidated about brands. Mine & Yours is more concerned about the quality and style of the item before the label. This means everything from Wilfred to Alexander Wang.

What kind of prices will I see in store?

If you’re looking to go shopping expect to see up to 75% off on almost all items. When I was in the store, I found a great Marc Jacobs leather bag for $175, a silk coral tunic from BCBG Max Azria for $25 and a Helmut Lang leather vest for $180 (which, I unfortunately did not snag!).

The ultimate goal for the store is to create a sustainable community where stylish women can all trade & benefit from each other’s wardrobe. I can’t think of anything better!

With new items being hand picked weekly, the store is always full of new finds. On the same day a pair of Louboutin’s are dropped off, it can go home with a person as their very first pair of heels from the coveted brand. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love finding great deals on one of a kind finds?

It’s always such an inspiration to see such beautiful women entrepreneurs tackle a real business need. To the ladies behind Mine & Yours, Vancouver is lucky to have you and I can’t wait to stop by again!  For more information, check out

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