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By Denisa Caldova


Let me make one thing clear. I am not a fashion expert. However, I think I have a pretty decent fashion style, heavily influenced by “dos and don’t” from my mother and younger sister. Until now they have always serve as my fashion police. If I am not sure that I can combine one thing with another, I send them a WhatsApp message with a photo and wait for their verdict. God bless Internet! How else would I communicate with them? They are in Europe, me in California.

But don’t get me wrong, I know how to properly dress up without their help! And while I am not a fashionista, I still enjoy going to fashion events and looking up new brands and possibly leaving with new clothes.

After last week’s Simply Stylist event I found out about a launch party of a pop-up store called Mine & Yours on Melrose Avenue. Courtney and Jigme, the owners, were present at the Simply Stylist and reached out to all the attendees to have them know about their launch party. I decided to show up, out of curiosity and my constant need of socializing.

Being from Canada originally, Courtney and Jigme do not have Mine & Yours store in LA, yet. This is why they rented out a space in a local store Live Astro on Melrose Avenue to showcase their clothes. As Jigme told me during our talk they “want to have Mine & Yours store in LA once”


Their concept is pretty simple. Mine & Yours offers designer clothes which they sell for cheaper prices afterwards. Brands showcased at the pop-up were for instance Naven (from the Canadian Naven twins), or Chanel. Fashionistas were able to browse through the extensive collection of designer clothes, shoes and jewellery while sipping their wine, champagne or beer. I mean, a perfect combination, right?

Jigme and Courtney are super nice. I talked with Jigme for a while and she was happy to talk with me about their store, show me some favourite pieces in the store and to talk about my adventure in LA. I did not leave with any new item, but that does not mean I won’t be using their online store in a near future!

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