Witchslapped visits Mine & Yours

Emma Pauling and Megan McClean are two of the three ladies that make up the Witchslapped blog. With their slogan "Dress up like yourself" these ladies came by to feature a few of their favourite pieces from our hand-picked collection, to really show what dressing up like yourself is like. 

Photos from Witchslapped

"We got to play dress up at Mine & Yours in Vancouver last week, and it was just a dream (neither of us left empty handed… oops!). Old school Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and YSL fill the racks and the staff are beyond lovely!"

 - Emma Pauling, Witchslapped

Visit: Emma's Witchslapped post



Photos from Witchslapped

"As soon as I tried on this outfit, I knew I was walking out with at least one item (ok two, I left the shoes!)"

- Megan McClean, Witchslapped

Visit: Megan's Witchslapped post
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