Top 10 Vancouver Fashion Bloggers

By Lucas Hui

Top 10 Vancouver Fashion Bloggers to Follow! 

Let’s face it, life gets busy, and we don’t always have the time to keep up with the fast-pace-forever-changing fashion trends and learn the best styling tips. Sometimes it takes a little guidance from people that do it full time. So here are our top picks for Vancouver fashion bloggers to follow.

March 13, 2015 by Lucas Hui
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New Year, New Wardrobe - Style Resolutions for 2015

Check out our to-do list for our closet! 

January 09, 2015 by Joanna Chaffin
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The Chicest Rain Boots to Look out for This season

If you're in the Pacific Northwest like us, you'll know that the rain has come and it's here to stay. One staple that we can't live without is a great pair of rain boots. But here is where style doesn't necessarily have to fall to the wayside of practicality. There's TONS of amazing designs that are just as cute as any of your other fall staples but the best part is is that they're durable and you are free to go puddle jumping without the fear of wet feet for the rest of the day or ruining leather. Here's a few of our top picks to keep an eye out for this season! 

Two-toned by Michael Kors 
Shop these size 8 Michael Kors Monogram boots in-store! 
Ilse Jacobsen short lace-up boots 
Sperry utilitarian lace-up booties 
Loeffler Randall lace-up boots 
Vivienne Westwood booties with bow 
Salvatore Ferragamo heeled tall rain boots 
Loeffler Randall booties with buckles 
November 11, 2014 by Joanna Chaffin
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"IT" Luxury Handbags of All Time

By Shirley Lei


The luxury handbags women covet most


Today’s post provides a brief overview of the luxury handbags in the world, and the fascinating stories behind them. Not only is this generally useful information, it is also handy for next time when you are deciding which handbag to splurge on! 


CHANEL Handbags


Wearing a CHANEL handbag represents style and class, and pays tribute to Coco Chanel's timeless elegance. The classic, quilted 2.55 flap CHANEL handbag is now almost a symbol of luxury in itself, and a reminder of the vision of a remarkable woman with impeccable style.

In 1910, Madame Chanel opened “Chanel Modes” on the famous 21 Rue Cambon in Paris, and launched her inaugural collection of hats. By 1913, she introduced jersey wear for women, which transformed not just the style women wore, but also society’s general view on women - gone were the restrictions of corsets and the social norm to wear them.

After Europe's recession following World War II, Chanel came back strong with the creation of the 2.55 handbag in February of 1955, which took freedom to the next level as women are now unfettered by the need to hand-hold their bags when they attend social gatherings or get on with their day-to-day lives. Today, a CHANEL purse is a classic and versatile essential. 

Shop our current CHANEL collection: 



From the trending Luggage Tote to the Trapeze and to the Class Box, the House of Céline defines chic with its handbags. The brand was founded by Céline Vipiana in Paris in 1945, originally as a children’s shoe store. During the post-war period, the rise in lust for luxury gave success to Céline’s expansion into women’s clothes, shoes, and handbags. Today, Céline handbags are adored by fashion bloggers and celebrities alike. 

Shop our current collection of Celine handbags: 


Chloé Handbags

Chloé was founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. In the 1950s, Aghion rejected the rigidity of the fashion at the time, and therefore aspired to create soft and feminine pieces with silhouettes that work with women’s bodies. She put forward the “luxury prêt-à-porter” idea of clothes that filled the gap between tailored haute couture and limited ready-made clothes. Fast forward to the present, from the “It Bag” of the 2005, the coveted Paddington, Chloé handbags have definitely evolved, but still keeps their original edge.

Shop Chloé here: 


Louis Vuitton Handbags

Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly one of the most well-know brands today. Louis Vuitton was born to a working-class family - his father was a farmer, and his mother a miller who had passed away in Vuitton’s childhood. After moving to Paris, Vuitton apprenticed as a “box-maker and packer”, and eventually became Napoleon’s wife’s personal box-maker and packer. This job was basically to pack goods, such as clothes, in boxes in tasteful boxes; it helped Vuitton in his later designer career as he had this opportunity to interact with the upper-class - his future clients. Today, the luxurious brand is widely recognized for its logo and monogram/damier prints, and is sought by women and men worldwide.


Shop Louis:








November 04, 2014 by Bitty Berlinghoff
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Let's Talk Trends: 8 Trends Girls Love and Guys Hate

By: Shirley Lei


Girls and guys both love trends, but our tastes do not always coincide. It was quite the experience surveying some guy friends on the controversial trends below - I received responses from "peplum tops make girls look pregnant", to full-on rants about why girls should not wear heels if they do not feel comfortable in learn the rest of the Top 8 trends that girls love but guys hate, read on! 


Mom Jeans 

Our beloved high-waist jeans are frequents on “Trends Guys Hate” lists. For us girls, they are the perfect throw-on’s for those lazy days, but admittedly, they don’t do justice to many figures. One style tip to avoid the outdated "mom" look is to pair them with modern pieces - juxtaposing them with the right chic pieces is also a way to mix things up! However, be mindful of the size and fit when purchasing mom jeans - as seen below, the correct fit can truly make or break the look. 


 Your typical mom jeans...yay or nay?


Oversize Sunglasses 

Apparently, guys do not dig the bug-eyed look. Oversize or dramatic sunglasses take the attention away from one’s face, and may make a person look “insect-like”. What do you think?


 Sky-High Stilettos

These definitely do wonders for posture, height, and figure, but guys pick on the fact that for some girls, they drastically hinder their ability to move, which makes an awkward situation for both of them. As well, guys argue that heels, even though they look amazing, may be so uncomfortable that they take away from girls being able to have a good time.



It was during this past summer that the Birkenstock trend became truly ubiquitous among fashion bloggers and icons alike. Trendsetters from Alexa Chung to Miranda Kerr have all sported these kicks - Mary and Ashley Olsen even paired them with socks! We love the form-fitting comfort of these sandals, but it’s also the infamous androgynous look that attract us girls to them…and repel guys. But for the gals out there who are glad to see less of them as we go into the fall, watch out for the return of the Celine fur-lined sandals...



Peplum Tops 

Received this suggestion from one of my guy friends - personally, I had no idea why they are hated on - peplums are perfect for hiding that “pooch”, or creating an interesting silhouette to an outfit - but apparently they “make you look pregnant”…


Shoulder Pads 

Sometimes, those coats and blazers just need a bit more structure, which the shoulder pads add perfectly. But, in some guys’ tastes, the broad shoulder look is deemed to be “too masculine”.



The farmer look “just doesn't work” in some guys’ opinions. In girls’ opinions, they can definitely be pulled off — with the right styling, these “farmer” overalls can even look chic! 




 Harem Pants

When we envision the harem pants, we tend to think about the bowl-shaped, exaggeratedly slouchy pants with drop-crotches that go as low as the knee, which guys might not enjoy. However, many styles of harem pants today have been modernized and moderated so that everyone can pull them off easily: the lower waistline prevents the round-belly look, and the slimmed pant legs make them more flattering by avoiding the illusion of a stodgy silhouette. 




But ladies, who really cares what the guys think? If you are loving any of the trends above, we urge you to wear whatever floats your boat. In fact, we quote Betsey Johnson on this: “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.”

October 30, 2014 by Bitty Berlinghoff
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Guide to Downtown Vancouver Consignment Shopping

By Lucas Hui


Where to Shop Consignment and Resale in Vancouver?


We all want to be wearing designer brands and in-season fashion but our wallets can't always take the hit. Why not try consignment or resale shopping and score fashionable finds at a fraction of original retail prices?

Here's where to go in Vancouver to get the best bang for your buck on "almost-new" clothes to refresh your closet...


High End Resale

This boutique specializes in consigning high-end accessories and vintage items. The atmosphere is like  a cozy, luxury jewellery store. All merchandise is enclosed in glass fixtures and presented with care and elegance. High End Resale houses designer handbags, accessories and vintage goods by brands you know and love like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes. Be prepared to save hundreds of dollars (from original price) on mint condition, "like-new" merchandise. By the same token, if you have any high-end luxury goods that you want to sell off, High End Resale consigns on a 50:50 ratio, meaning you would receive 50% of the resale price, once your item sells.  813 HornbyStreet, (604) 682-8893,


My Sister's Closet

My Sister's Closet is a social enterprise that benefits Battered Women Support Services --an organization that is built on support for violence against women. The store houses eco-friendly, vintage, second-hand merchandise for both men and women. Prices are very attainable but you can definitely find a few high-end brands in there as well.  All goods are donated by retailers and community members, and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. 1092 Seymour St, (604) 687-0770,


Mine & Yours

Mine & Yours is Vancouver's premier resale store. They buy clothing outright / pay cash-up front for designer clothing (no waiting for your money like with consignment). The friendly team here buys, sells, and trades clothing that is name-brand, in-season, and on-trend. Designer and luxury items are priced to move at 50-80% off original retail prices. Shop their Hornby Street location or their online store for deals on classic luxury brands like CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, and modern ones like Alexander Wang, Dries Van Noten, Anne Demeulemeester, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. The company offers an Authenticity Guarantee on all luxury shoes and handbags, and get items officially authenticated by a third party authenticator. Primary suppliers at Mine & Yours are fashion bloggers and stylists, so you're bound to find something fabulous! 

The store offers 30% cash up-front or 50% in-store credit for your designer merchandise. 1060 Hornby St, (604) 620-8885, Online shopping too! 


Vous Valet

Vous Valet is the go-to Yaletown consignment store for the sophisticated lady. The boutique carries mostly designer brands like Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel. The store also offers personalized styling services, and has its own Youtube series! 1241 Hamilton St, (604) 558-4228,


Community Thrift & Vintage

For those of you who love thrifting and the thrill of the hunt, then this one is for you. Community Thrift & Vintage provides vintage style clothing at very reasonable prices. The interior of the store is filled with dim light bulbs and makeshift wooden shelves giving it a warehouse feel. Proceeds from sales go back into community programs like the Community Service Society. The store is currently not consigning items. We encourage to go take a look, who knows what vintage treasure you'll find? 41 West Cordova Street, 604-682-1004,



Timeline Boutique

Hit up Timeline Boutique for fashionable downtown consignment shopping! This fun and fabulous boutique offers a mix of consignment & resale services and carries both authentic and replica luxury accessories. They also offer  personal shopper services like closet consultations, wardrobe styling, and Private VIP shopping parties! 87 E Cordova Street, (778) 229-8463,

(Left) interior



Do you have more favourite places to shop Consignment and Resale in Vancouver? Let us know, by shooting us an email to  


October 25, 2014 by Lucas Hui
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Top 5 coats every woman should have in her wardrobe

Now that we are in the trenches of fall/winter, it's time to start clearing some room in our closets for our winter coats. Figuring out which ones are essential and which ones have seen better days may just be the easiest part when it comes to deciding what will fill in the gaps. Here's some great essentials that can begin to build your wardrobe and will lend themselves well to any outfit, making your dash out the door as wardrobe-malfunction free as possible. 
Basic Black Pea Coat 
The key to a great pea coat is quality and fit. Look out for a great jacket that will stand the test of time, just as the style has. 
Leather Jacket 
To keep you looking cooler than cool but also maintain some practicality, look to a jacket that is also quilted on the inside to increase your mileage into the colder months. We also love layering up our leather jackets for a casual weekend go-to. 
Blanket Coat
Need we say more? Think cape but bigger and even better. Wool options are ideal since they will keep you warm and look even more luxurious. If you're a bit hesitant on the trend at first, opt for a blanket coat with sleeves to maintain a classic silhouette or try belting to define a waist. 
Trench Coat
A must-have in any wardrobe, the trench is a staple that is perfect for transitional weather and even the rainiest days. Grab one that is water resistant if you are in a wet climate and it will work overtime for you! 
 Menswear-Inspired Overcoat 
Take a cue from the boys with this great staple. What we love about this jacket is its incredible versatility. Casual and cool with skinny jeans, white t shirt and boots but also incredibly chic over an evening dress. 




October 15, 2014 by Joanna Chaffin
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Summer Getaway Essentials

Planning a little Summer rendez-vous? Well whether you're headed out of town or sticking to a staycation, we've got your summer packing essentials right here! The key: versatility. Make your clothing and accessories work double duty so that you'll never find yourself in a bind on what to wear. 

#1: The Perfect Sun Dress 

We suggest opting for something that can be chucked in a bag, thrown over a bathing suit, and then paired with a statement accessory to give the perfect amount of day-to-night ease and flexibility. Swingy, A-Line shapes work beautifully for vacation because they give just that je ne sais-quoi! 
J Crew Cotton Tunic Dress
Pency Printed Sun Dress

#2. Wedges/Flatform Sandals

We love opting for a wedge in the summer and especially on vacation because of the sheer comfort and easy walking ability. If you're heading anywhere that has the possibility of cobble-stone streets, you'll be seriously thanking us when you're not having to worry about getting a heel caught! 
Pour La Victoire Flatforms
c/o Jeffrey Campbell 

#3. Carry-All Bag 

Sure, you can have all of your essentials but where will you put them?! We suggest going for something really easy to sling over your shoulder and chic enough to conceal all of your day time items when it comes time to sip cocktails in the evening. 
Gucci Striped Summer Bag
Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Bag

#4. Statement Necklace.

We like to think of a statement necklace as that great piece that you can throw in your bag and pull out whenever the mood strikes. What's also perfect about these is that they can pair perfectly with a super casual white T-Shirt or a bring a sun dress up a notch when you're looking for that extra sparkle. No-brainer? We couldn't agree more. 
(Similar Styles in store at Mine & Yours $35-$42)
c/o J Crew

#5. Relaxed Jacket/Layering Piece

Nothing is more unpredictable than the weather so do like your mother told you and pack a layer. Opt for something lightweight that you won't mind slinging over your arms and if possible, compact enough to be able to stick in your aforementioned cary-all bag. The beauty in picking something with a more relaxed silhouette is that it will pair great over your breezy summer layers just as well as dresses. 
Helmut Lang Drapey Jacket:
Chanel Mesh Sweater:
Issey Miyake Printed Jacket:

#6. A Good Read 

Two new additions to the Mine & Yours library are the much talked about '#GIRLBOSS' by Nasty Gal founder, CEO, and "Chief Trouble Maker," Sophia Amoruso. Another girl power addition is by PR maven, Kelly Cutrone entitled 'If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.' So even while you're lounging at the pool or beach or wherever your summer rendez-vous may take you, you can still be plotting your empire. 





June 04, 2014 by Courtney Watkins
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Thursday Mood Board: Icy Blue Hues

With the pastel pink trend that was so massive this winter, we're ready to turn to something cooler to welcome the warm weather and sunshine. As a great way to instantly update your wardrobe this season, think about incorporating this pastel in the form of moto jackets, cropped sweaters, shirt dresses, or a statement accessory. In easy breezy silhouettes or something a little more structured, this colour lends itself perfectly to those warm summer nights that we've been dreaming about all winter long. 
April 10, 2014 by Courtney Watkins
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Eco Fashion - Green is the new Black

In its 7th season, Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week kicked off with seminars and a panel discussion to encourage people to rethink systems of consumption, distribution, and production.

With environmental awareness and sustainability becoming increasingly dominant, it only makes sense to combine this awareness with fashion in the multi- billion-dollar fashion industry.

Tara Teng, Human Rights Activist, and Miss World Canada 2012 speaks at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week Seminars
Before this year I had never attended the seminars.

A big lesson I learned is that sustainability is about self- responsibility, and the more we know, the more we care.

Here are a few simple ways we can all be more sustainable when it comes to our closets.

  1. Excavate your wardrobe.

If you’re like me, then your wardrobe is maxed out with overstuffed drawers and things packed in the closet, some with the tags still on (*shame face).  Pull everything out, try things on, and if you can’t remember the last time you wore it than donate it, or earn a little money for more clothes and take them to a consignment shop. I know of a great one (*wink wink).

  1. Experiment.

Don’t be afraid to use your favorite pieces together to create a new outfit –     you don’t need a new bag to pull an outfit together… you might just need to experiment with your options. Don’t limit yourself!

  1. Research the best eco-friendly brands.

It’s fashionable to be green: many high-end designer lines like Stella McCartney and Loomstate have started to support sustainable fashion. There are SO many great eco-friendly brands out there that sell fabulous products. Do a Google search and learn more about them.

  1. Buy Second Hand.

Instead of going to a department store or the mall to buy a new dress or a silk blouse, take a look in Mine & Yours. You never know – you might find an AMAZING piece, saving money and the environment in the process.


By Andrea Harvey, Fashion Intern at Mine & Yours

October 09, 2013 by Courtney Watkins
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